How do you communicate with your Realtor?

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Call, email, text, or (gasp!) in-person, how do you best communicate with your REALTOR®? Agents evolve with the times and rely on the mode that works best for their clients. The speed at which we move away from personal contact, however, may surprise you...

In 2015, nearly two-thirds of all Americans own a smartphone. And since research finds that 90 percent of all text messages are read within three minutes, there is no better channel for urgent, responsive communication.

Of course, an extended relationship with your agent through the life of a transaction dictates all modes of communication. The important thing to remember is to set expectations and boundaries.

  • How late at night do you what to be contacted?
  • How early in the morning is too early?
  • Which type of news would you like to hear on the phone?
  • When is a text or email appropriate?
  •                                  And of critical importance, never share financial or personal identification information with anyone electronically unless you verify the receiver first.

Establish the preferred methods of communication between you and your REALTOR® so everyone is satisfied.

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